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Dec 31, 2021 | featured, My Books | 1 comment

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2021 was quite a year. Some things were terrifying (hello, raging pandemic), some were sad (losing the last of our pugs, Teddy), some were strange (ending two duologies during a pandemic :/ ), and others were wonderfully joyful (new baby! Finally seeing my parents again after more than a year apart!).

It was also…thoroughly exhausting. I admit I’ve been a bit burned out on social media, but I plan to be back more in the new year. The last couple weeks in particular I’ve been able to take a little time to relax (at least, as much as is possible while also taking care of an infant!), and that’s helped. I’m cautiously optimistic about what the new year might bring. I’ve got several irons in the fire—multiple projects out on sub that will be going out wider once editors are back from the holiday break. I’m so, so excited about them, and really hoping they find an editor who loves them enough to acquire. That’s the magic of the new year for me. All the promise of the unknown and the potential for high hopes to come to fruition.

Looking back at 2021, I somehow, miraculously, managed to complete most of my “must-dos”—launching two new books, writing a MG book and a YA book, and going out on sub with a picture book project. I didn’t get to the “want-to-dos” or “might-dos,” but I’m cutting myself some slack, given I was pregnant for the first half of the year and raising an infant for the second half. Overall, while I’d hoped to do more, I’m pleased with the progress I made. Now, for 2022’s goals! 🙂



  • Edit next MG fantasy novel (which will hopefully be announced very soon!)
  • Finish revising YA Fantasy work-in-progress
  • Write MG option book proposal


  • Finish drafting YA sci-fi retelling of Trojan War
  • Revise YA fantasy novella


  • Depending on how things pan out with projects currently on submission, potentially editing those and drafting a sequel or two!
  • Begin all-out rewrite of my very first novel (this has been on many, many years’ “might do” list – someday I really will do this!).



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  1. Jaziel Puente Alvarado

    I cant wait to see what your new novels will be this year of 2022.
    I have been reading your book monstrous and ravenous for years now. They are part of my child hood and hopefully there universe is expanded more on this year. Thank you so much for your amazing storytelling.


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