A Breath of Mischief

Sourcebooks Young Readers
Release Date: April 4, 2023
Hardcover, paperback, ebook
Middle Grade Fantasy

From the acclaimed author of Shadow Weaver comes a new fantasy adventure brimming with danger and magic that will leave readers on the edge of their seats.

Aria is raised by the Wind. She grew up in a castle, floating among the clouds with creatures of the air. She spends her days racing and soaring through the sky with her best friend, Gwyn, a young gryphling. At night, she falls asleep to the music of the Wind.

One morning, Aria is woken by a frantic Gwyn. The chimes are silent, there is not a breath of breeze, and their castle has settled on the ground. The Wind has vanished.

Aria and Gwyn go on a desperate search only to discover the Wind is being held captive by a sinister alchemist named Worton. To free the Wind, Aria and Gwyn must complete a series of trials to find and retrieve three magical talismans for Worton.

Nothing will keep Aria from rescuing the element who raised her—not a riddle, not a quest, not a race against time. Except Worton can’t be trusted, and it’s not just the Wind that needs saving…


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Praise for A Breath of Mischief

“Connolly weaves a fantastical journey perfect for fans of WINGS OF FIRE involving the four elements and a plucky heroine who will stop at nothing to protect her home. A fast-paced fable young readers will devour.”

Jen Calonita

NYT bestselling author

A Breath of Mischief breezes in with elemental magic, mythical creatures, and lyrical prose reminiscent of classic fairytales. In this enchanting fantasy adventure, MarcyKate Connolly weaves a whirlwind of a story about Aria, Gwyn, and their quest to rescue the Wind.”

Monica Tesler

Author of the Bounders series

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