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I'm an author and arts administrator living in New England with my family and pugs. I'm also a caffeine addict and voracious reader. My latest middle grade fantasy novel, THE STAR SHEPHERD, is available now from Sourcebooks Young Readers!

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3:00 pm Special Kids’ Event with MarcyKa... @ Books on the Square
Special Kids’ Event with MarcyKa... @ Books on the Square
Oct 20 @ 3:00 pm
Come see me and Sarah Jean Horwitz (DARK LORD CLEMENTINE) at Books on the Square in Providence!

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The Star Shepherd, Middle Grade Fantasy. Neil Gaiman meets How to Train Your Dragon in this beautifully illustrated middle-grade novel about a boy, his trusted dog, and his best friend, as they race to save the stars before their light is extinguished for good. Sourcebooks Young Readers. Co-authored with Dan Haring.
Comet Rising, Middle Grade Fantasy. In this sequel to Shadow Weaver, the Cerelia Comet returns 12 years too early and Emmeline and her friends must stop Lady Aisling once and for all. Sourcebooks Young Readers. Available now.
Shadow Weaver, Middle Grade Fantasy. 12-year-old Emmeline can talk to her shadow…and her shadow talks back. Sourcebooks Young Readers. Available now.
Ravenous, Middle Grade Fantasy. A companion novel to Monstrous featuring an epic quest and a heroine who will stop at nothing to save the one she loves most. HarperCollins Children’s Books. Available now.
Monstrous, Middle Grade Fantasy. Frankenstein meets the Brothers Grimm in an original fairy tale. HarperCollins Children’s Books. Available now.

Coming Soon

Hollow Dolls, Middle Grade Fantasy. Set in the same world as Shadow Weaver. Simone is a young mind reader who wants nothing more than to return to the home she left years ago. But when a slew of magical disappearances leads her to a person who can take over someone’s body without their permission, she knows she’s the only one who can stop them. Sourcebooks Young Readers, January 1, 2020.
Twin Daggers, Young Adult Fantasy. Pitched as Romeo and Juliet if Juliet and her sister were magic-wielding spies, the series centers around twin sisters sent undercover on a mission to find and kidnap the heir to the technocrat throne. Blink YA, Fall 2020.

Short Stories

Summer’s Double Edge Anthology. Includes my short story “Don’t Pet the Ghosts.”
Spring Fevers Anthology. Includes my YA sci-fi short story “Connected.”