May is finally here! May is my favorite month because it brings my birthday (today! yay!). I’m actually somewhat relieved to put 40 in the rearview. The past pandemic year has been….well, odd. And scary. And challenging. For those of us who had books come out during 2020 and/or will have books releasing in 2021, it’s felt like all the usual uncertainties and unknowns that normally accompany a book release were on steroids for the entire industry, not just an individual level. (Personally, I had 2 books come out in 2020 and the sequels will be out this year. It’s been very different from my other books!)

But I’m excited for the potential that my 41st year could bring! I’m currently sitting on some fun book news (can’t share quite yet, but soon!), and I’ve got two projects out on submission to editors, and if all goes well, a 3rd might go out later this year too. And generally speaking, things are beginning to look up—vaccines are widely available (so thrilled I got mine!), infection numbers are dropping, and maybe (hopefully!) we’re finally headed in the right direction? It’s been a very long year, but I’m beginning to feel hopeful that life will be relatively normal again…at least by the time my next birthday rolls around 😛

Since I always enjoy giving away books on my birthday, I’m keeping up the tradition! This year, I’ll be selecting 2 winners who can each choose ANY book published (or to be published) in 2020 or 2021 that is available for purchase/pre-order at indie bookstores. (Books will be purchased from each winner’s favorite local indie or I’ll pick one of mine).


So while I’m still not ready to throw an in-person, indoor party, the celebration goes on 🙂 The giveaway will run from today (Sunday, May 16) through midnight EST Saturday May 22, 2021 and is open internationally. So, grab a slice of virtual cake, put on a party hat, and enter to win. Good luck!!

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