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Mar 25, 2011 | Free stuff | 1 comment

In a is a vetted database of agents and publishers which allows writers to track and organize their submissions to said agents and publishers. Also provides interesting statistics on response times, etc., and a community forum.

Useful for:

  • Writers

Why I like it: Querying agents is stressful enough, so having a tool that does some of the thinking for you is hugely useful. Also, since the people running it do a fantastic job of both vetting and updating the agent profiles, it’s a safe bet that the information is accurate. The comments section and statistics are a great reality check, too, when one is wondering why it may take one agent weeks (or months) to respond while another may respond within minutes.


  • The agent information is comprehensive, providing links to their websites, interviews, Publishers Marketplace pages, and social media.
  • The free statistics offer info on response times and how the agent in question responded to different genres. For example, you can see how much fantasy they’re requesting and then how long it takes them to consider it.
  • You can browse the site and add agents to your query list. The searchable interface is simple and easy to navigate which is always a plus.


  • The Free membership has limitations. To get ALL the bells & whistles, you have to pay a $25 membership fee. Only the flipside, it’s only a $25 membership fee – all things considered, not so bad. Personally, I found it worth to shell out the extra money, but you can still track one project and agents on the free version and get all the info you really need.
  • It’s online. So if you can’t get internet access, you can’t get on the site and get your information.
  • It can be easy to forget to update the responses to queries, also due to being online and not a desktop-run program.

Conclusion: If you’re a writer, you MUST check this out. It will probably become one of your most valuable resources!

1 Comment

  1. Angela Kulig

    Query Tracker is amazing! I agree the $25 is so worth it, especially when you realize how much you could spend on books that are supposed to do the same thing. Books that are outdated before you even buy them.

    If you hang out on Twitter or other place where writer types hang out you have seen how many agents have come and gone this year already. QT is updated constantly. Run, don’t walk there peeps.


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