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The Star Shepherd e-Visit is available as a Basic or Plus subscription, both of which will give you a year’s worth of access to videos of the author discussing her books, along with read alouds, activities, and resources. The content is a collection of independent segments designed to be flexible so you can use it in the way that best suits you and your classroom.  

Please note: e-Visit subscriptions never automatically renew so you don’t need to worry about cancelling once the year-long subscription expires. You will be sent a reminder when the year is up in case you would like to manually renew.

About The Star Shepherd

Neil Gaiman meets How to Train Your Dragon in this beautifully illustrated middle-grade novel about a boy, his trusted dog, and his best friend, as they race to save the stars before their light is extinguished for good. Perfect for 5th graders and above.

e-Visit Content

  • Meet MarcyKate
  • Meet Dan
  • The Long, Winding Road to Bookshelves
  • The Characters
  • Magic & Technology
  • The Origin Story
  • The Collaboration
  • The Writing Process
  • The Artwork
  • Read-Aloud: Prologue
  • Read-Aloud: Chapter 6
  • Read-Aloud: Epilogue
  • Activities & Resources


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