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I'm an author and arts administrator living in New England with my family and pugs. I'm also a caffeine addict and voracious reader. My latest middle grade fantasy novel, THE STAR SHEPHERD, is available now from Sourcebooks Young Readers!

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3:00 pm Special Kids’ Event with MarcyKa... @ Books on the Square
Special Kids’ Event with MarcyKa... @ Books on the Square
Oct 20 @ 3:00 pm
Come see me and Sarah Jean Horwitz (DARK LORD CLEMENTINE) at Books on the Square in Providence!

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A Year to Debut

2015This is IT, guys! 2015. The year Monstrous will be out in the world! I’m so flipping excited! *muppet flails*

If you happen to be in the Boston area, consider yourself invited to my launch party on Tuesday February 17, 2015, 7pm at Porter Square Books in Cambridge, MA (it has parking and it’s T-accessible). If you’re not and you’d like a signed copy of Monstrous, you can pre-order one from Porter Square Books here and just put “signed” in the order comments. AND if you’ve already pre-ordered Monstrous, you rock and I’d love to send you a Swag Pack!

Over the past couple years, my resolutions have focused on setting goals for things I want to accomplish and treating my writing like a job (because, hey, it IS). I’m a list person, so I’ve found it very beneficial to have benchmarks to go by and to help me prioritize. The result: I’ve been super productive and you know what? I kind of love this whole writing-as-a-job thing. If 2015 goes well, maybe I can keep doing it for a while longer 🙂

Despite some craziness during the year, I actually managed to accomplish all of the items on my 2014 Must-Do list, and about half of the Want-To-Do list. Since 2015 has the added unknown factor of promoting Monstrous, I have fewer items on my Must-Do list, but I’m still hopeful that I’ll be able to complete most of my Want-To-Dos. We’ll see how that goes!






 WHAT ARE YOUR GOALS FOR 2015? Share in the comments!

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Monstrous Pre-Order Party!

In case you are not aware, pre-ordering is one of the nicest things you can do for an author, especially a debut.  Early sales are SO important to show a publisher that there is demand for a book and this in turn can help increase support for the book both in bookstores (where those lovely pre-orders are taking place) and on the marketing side. It can also factor into the support the author’s next book in the pipeline receives and whether additional books are purchased.

In a very tiny nutshell, people who pre-order books RULE.

Many of you have told me you’ve already ordered Monstrous which makes me so absurdly happy that I decided I needed a way to say THANK YOU. That’s why I’m throwing a little pre-order swag party!


Have you pre-ordered Monstrous? Then 1) you ROCK and 2) I’d love to send you a Swag Pack!



Simply fill out this form after you have placed an order for Monstrous (We’re operating on the honor system so you do not need to provide proof of purchase.). Limited to one swag pack per pre-ordered copy of Monstrous. Offer open internationally until midnight 2/9/2015.


“But wait! What do I do if I want to pre-order and I haven’t yet?”

I’m so glad you asked. You can pre-order from just about any retailer. You can also pre-order a signed copy directly from my fabulous local indie bookstore, Porter Square Books. Simply put “signed copy” and the name to make it out to in the order comments and I’ll sign your book before it’s shipped to you!

Monstrous is also available for pre-order through any of these retailers:

Barnes and Noble Amazon Kobo iBooks BAM2 bookdepository HarperCollins Direct indiebound3


Again THANK YOU to everyone who’s pre-ordered Monstrous! You are the best! 😀

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The Long, Winding Road to Bookshelves – September 2014

Not a lot of externally exciting things happened in September, but it was a great month for planning – what to buy for book swag, what to do with ARCs, how to promote Monstrous in my area, and future books.

And yeah, I may have ordered some pretties (AKA bookmarks!):


And then to my surprise and delight I received THIS in the mail from HarperCollins:


I had thought the 3 ARCs I got over the summer was my total allotment, so now I’m very excited to use these for local outreach and *maybe* a giveaway or two here on the ole blog. STAY TUNED 😀

Coming up next month – My trip to NYC to visit my publisher!



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