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I'm an author and arts administrator living in New England with my family and pugs. I'm also a caffeine addict and voracious reader. My latest middle grade fantasy novel, THE STAR SHEPHERD, is available now from Sourcebooks Young Readers!

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Special Kids’ Event with MarcyKa... @ Books on the Square
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A MONSTROUS Announcement (Plus a Giveaway!)

Yes, this is THAT post. The one where I finally get to scream from the rooftops that this happened (though there was already an awful lot of screaming about it on Twitter yesterday :P):

I know. I KNOW. I can hardly believe it either. My fabulous agent Suzie Townsend* got the first offer on MONSTROUS in all of eight days back in September, but I haven’t been able to talk about it until now. I’ve been wandering around, shaking my head and muttering under my breath, “Eight days. Eight. Freaking. Days.”  And given the otherwise horrendous fall I’ve had (long story, but in short, lots of family members in the hospital and other random unpleasantness), it has been an incredible blessing I had this happy, shining thing to cling to.

I’ll tell a more complete story about it later on, but for now, if you’ve seen the Kristen Bell Autotuned Sloth Meltdown video, that’s pretty much how the call about the offer went down for me. Just replace “sloth” with “book deal” and there you go.

Needless to say, I’ve been dying to tell the world!

You’ve all been so supportive, and said so many kind things about my weird little book, that I just can’t wait to share it with you. And yes, you read that right in the deal announcement – MONSTROUS is going to be upper Middle Grade. It’s a big change, but after talking to my wonderful new editor at HarperCollins, I know it’s the best thing for my book and the story.  Not to mention that I get to work with the fantastically talented folks there to do it. This is a TOTAL DREAM COME TRUE.

Which means, of course, that we must celebrate. And that means a giveaway 🙂

I’m giving away one HarperCollins MG or YA Fall 2012 new release (or pre-order if it’s not out yet)! Use the Rafflecopter widget at the bottom of this post by Sunday to enter. One winner** will be selected and can choose one of the books below as the prize:

Middle Grade Young Adult 

a Rafflecopter giveaway


*That Suzie Townsend is a ROCK STAR, isn’t she? 😀

**Open internationally, however, if the winner is located outside the US and there are snags with shipping overseas, a $25 gift card to a book retailer of the winner’s choice may be substituted.

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You may not have noticed, but I haven’t blogged much for oh, the last two months or so.


Sorry about that. But it’s gonna change – and soon! In fact, I intend (that’s the key word there) to blog nearly every day next week.


Hubby and I are moving to Phoenix, AZ. No more snow, no more cold, just sunbeams and lemondrops for the rest of our lives. Or something like that. 🙂

Since we’re taking a cross country car trek I thought this might be a FABULOUS time to remedy my blogging delinquency.  We plan to see a bunch of cool stuff including Washington DC, The Georgia GuidestonesGracelandRoswell, and the Sunset Crater.  It should be fun – if we don’t kill each other, of course.

I also have an ulterior motive for the excessive blogging: I need to capture the experience for research on my next book. In fact, I’m hoping to write a fair amount of it while Hubby is driving. It’s tentatively titled CONFESSIONS OF A TEENAGE CYBORG and the concept has been bouncing around in my brain for a while now, but a few days ago the entire plot unfolded without warning.

I wasn’t even thinking about it, then – BOOM – attack of the plot ninjas. Resistance was futile.

Anyway, lots of changes are happening way too fast, and the past two weeks have been a non-stop nosh-fest with friends and family who want to say goodbye. Needless to say, I’ll be living at the gym once we get to Phoenix.

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