I’m so happy to shout from the rooftops that LOST ISLANDthe sequel to HOLLOW DOLLS, is now available in bookstores! This is actually the 4th book I’ve had publish during the pandemic (two duologies!) which has certainly brought some unique challenges with it. But I love these stories and characters and I’m so grateful that they’re out in the world now. I hope you enjoy reading the conclusion to Simone’s story as much as I enjoyed writing it!

Thanks so much to the amazing team at Sourcebooks (especially my editor!) for the time, effort, and care they’ve put into this duology, even in difficult times! 

The thrilling conclusion to the Hollow Dolls duology continues Simone’s story as she sets out with her friends to stop the body walker once and for all.

Simone is still reeling from learning the truth about her mother, Maeve. But she knows she has to stop her before she finds what she’s looking for and ends up hurting her friends in the process.

When Simone stumbles across an old legend about a handful of folks with rare and powerful talents who fled to a secret island haven, she wonders if the soul summoner Maeve seeks could be there. So she and Sebastian set off to find it, hoping to get to there before Maeve does.

But as Simone and her traveling party draw closer to the island, it becomes clearer that Maeve will stop at nothing to get what she wants. And if her evil isn’t stopped, it could mean terrible consequences for everyone Simone loves.

With the gripping feel of a new classic, the Hollow Dolls duology will enthrall middle school readers who love fantasy, magic, and danger. Perfect for 5th grade and above.


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