Today HEARTLESS HEIRS, the sequel to TWIN DAGGERS, is officially out in the world and my first young adult series is complete! This duology has lived in my head and heart for a very long while (since 2012!), especially this second book, and I’m overjoyed that it is now out on bookshelves. The world of TWIN DAGGERS and HEARTLESS HEIRS is one that’s dear to me, and while saying goodbye to these characters is bittersweet, I’m pleased with how they ended up. I hope you will be too!




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Now torn between two worlds, Aissa must decide who she can trust. Especially when it comes to her twin.

Without a home and on the run, Aissa has never felt so trapped and alone even with her sister and friend by her side. Zandria—once her other half—has become cold and inflexible after her time in the Technocrat’s dungeon and is bent on revenge Aissa no longer feels. Their friend Remy may still side with his father, a Magi leader who refuses to believe his spy, Darian Azul, has turned traitor. And Aissa herself is now an enemy of her Magi people after falling in love with—and binding her heart to—Aro, a Techno prince who puts all their lives at stake.

Using clues her parents and others left behind, Aissa is determined to uncover the secrets of the Alchemist Alliance that helped create her and Zandria’s unique magical powers … as well as learn whether the Alliance’s research holds the key to healing the rift between the Magi and Technocrats after centuries of war. But with her people preparing for battle, and Darian poised to use the Technocrats’ might for his own ends, it will take more than lost spells and hidden secrets to accomplish her goal. Especially as the dangerous bond between her Aro grows deeper and threatens everything Aissa has ever believed.

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