2017 – A Year of Endings and Beginnings

Dec 31, 2017 | books, Publishing, Random Stuff, Writing | 1 comment

To say 2017 was an eventful year is an understatement. In some ways—especially the current political climate—it was catastrophically bad, and in others very good.

In my little corner of the world, we had ups and downs too. In April, we adopted a third pug, Teddy, but in September we lost our beloved Tootsie. It was a difficult month and it’s been hard to talk about it online, though I imagine some may have noticed her absence from my Instagram. She was our first dog and such a sweet little girl. We miss her every day. But the most wonderful part of the year was the birth of our son Logan. He’s brought so much joy to our lives and he’s such a good little boy. We can’t imagine our lives without him now and can’t wait to grow with him!

On the writing side of things, we announced a new book deal in the spring! THE STAR SHEPHERD is a heavily illustrated middle grade fantasy co-authored with the awesome Dan Haring (it will be out in Fall 2019!). And I reached all of my “must-do” goals but none of my “want-to-do” or “might-do” goals. Hopefully next year I’ll accomplish a little more!

Some highlights from 2017:

  • Welcoming our son to the world!
  • Adopting Teddy the pug
  • Children’s institute in Portland, OR
  • BEA in NYC
  • Holding the hardcovers of Shadow Weaver!
  • Monstrous was published in France, and Ravenous in Russia
  • Turning in drafts of 2 books that will be out in 2019.


1 Comment

  1. Carina Olsen

    Hugs. <3 Sounds like 2017 was mostly good for you 😀 YAY. I hope this new year will be amazing too sweetie 🙂


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